We have been busy!!

We have been quite busy as it is that time of year again.......SPRING!!

Currently our Garlic is hard at work in it's last month of growing. We have just started to see Garlic Scapes (flower spikes) poking their heads through. So, that means we are now around 4 weeks away from harvest. See photo in post of one of the bulbs forming nicely.

We have also planted out our first batch of Luffa's. (see photo). These should be ready around January / February. We'll keep you posted on how they are progressing along the way.

We have also planted more green manure crops for the upcoming Garlic planting in April. (see photos) What we have planted is: Chomper - A forage Sorghum. This crop creates a mass amount of organic matter that will be ultimately turned back into the soil. Last year with the extra rainfall, it grew to nearly 9 feet tall. The other crop is: Fenugreek - This crop is a legume type plant that will "soften" the soil as well as fix a small amount of natural nitrogen into the soil for the garlic to grow. Fenugreek also is a natural Fumigant to the soil. What does this mean? Well, put simply, it helps us to combat bad soil pathogens that are harmful to crops. AND, it helps deter insects that can ultimately destroy crops.

Fenugreek growing nicely

Roys Purple bulbing up well

Luffa bed

Small Luffa plants

Beds freshly sown to Chomper

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