Loofa’s are growing!!

So last years loofa crop basically was a failure. ☹️☹️ But let’s not dwell on the past. We have our new seedlings emerging, and they’re looking pretty good at this point. Moir bed preparation will start this weekend for these babies and they should be planted out in the next few weeks when any frosts have settled down. if all goes well this season, we should have MANY loofa’s for sale in the new year. We’ll keep you updated during the season. These beautiful little sponges are great for your dishes, in the shower anywhere you need to give something a clean. We’ve been using ones in our shower and our sink for the last few years, they are outlasting ANY other sponges ever. They are antibacterial as well. They don’t smell like synthetic sponges do. 100% natural. You can’t beat that!!

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