Green manure crops are an essential part of our cropping rotation.

We have formed our beds early this year, which means we are able to get stuck into our green manure crops for next season’s garlic. The picture below is of a Fenugreek seed that was planted only 48 hours earlier. While this may not sound like an extraordinary thing, it does however mean that it has been planted at the right time. A lot of seeds can normally take up to 10 days to germinate. These plants should be grown and ploughed back in, in around 30-40 days. (Sometimes longer). This means I can sow a crop of Faba beans directly behind them which will get us through winter. Then we’ll plant another crop of forage sorghum in spring. why do we do this you ask?? ALL of the green manure created by these rotation crops create a magnificent soil, full of organic matter to feed the garlic for the following season. Which means better flavoured garlic. That’s why

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