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Pinerock Garlic

Seriously Good Aussie Products

Welcome to Pinerock Garlic.

This is home to the Central west's favourite,
flavoured Garlic salts.
Our salts are carefully hand made in a process developed by us. This process infuses the rich Garlic flavour, from Garlic grown by us, into the 100% Australian rock salt. When we infuse all the ingredients into the rock salt, you get the amazing depth of flavour buried deeply within every grain of salt. By using this process, you the customer, get the best flavour experience possible.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Please have a look around, but don't forget to visit our shop 
"The Garlic Shed"
before you leave.

We have a great selection of products within our store. We normally have our Garlic available from November each year.
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ur site to keep up with what we are doing and for specials.

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